San Antonio Engagement Photographer: Hazel and Conner’s Cibolo Nature Center Engagement

Most gorgeous, adorable, and sweetest couple EVER alert!!! Yep, they get three titles! Hazel and Conner are some of the most fun and kind-hearted folks I have had the privilege to photograph! We spent the beginning of their session in downtown Boerne, then wrapped everything up at the Cibolo Nature Center. I was SO excited when Hazel first contacted me and mentioned that she would love to photograph at the Cibolo Nature Center. Seriously, it is one of my favorite spots!!! You just can’t beat the creek, the grassy fields, and all that gorgeous golden hour light!

These two¬†also get double kudos for being so positive throughout their session (even when the humidity was making them sweat and they had to fight off some mosquitoes!). I had them snuggled up close in the heat for some romantic shots and they didn’t complain once! The love in their eyes when they are around each other is obvious! We shot well after the sun had set and while we were walking back to the car we noticed the lightning bugs in the brush. Can you spot them in the last photo?

Hazel and Conner, you both were such a joy to work with! We can’t wait for your wedding in April!

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