I love photographing this sweet girl (and her mom and dad ;-)) every year! Susan really out did herself with Amelia’s unicorn themed birthday. Between the twirls, glitter, and flowers it totally felt like I was photographing a real life princess. Thanks so much for letting me play in the pasture near your home and hang out with your sweet family! Oh yes, and for letting me photograph the real princess of the family…Shadow ๐Ÿ˜‰






Kisses for her adoring fans… ๐Ÿ™‚








Shadow: the real princess of the family

Not to steal the show from these two gorgeous people or anything, but… I must start this blog post with a conclusion that I have arrived at.

I am old.

I say this partly due to the fact that I have known Tiffany since high school and she celebrated 5 years of marriage to her husband in August (yay!!). But, the main reason I have come to this conclusion is because I felt a need to start writing this post about how time flies….and everyone knows that time only “flies” once you’ve officially pitched a tent in the “old” camp. Scoff and laugh if you like! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway…back to this adorable couple…They were so patient with me and cracked jokes the whole time! It’s so easy to photograph happiness, y’all. They gave me a tour of their new home and introduced me to all their amazing animals! It was such an honor to capture this special milestone in your relationship! Happy 5 year anniversary, Ryan and Tiffany! I hope you both enjoy your new adventure <3



Hobbes decided these photos were about him…duh





























This sweet little nugget is growing so fast! He’s going to be two months old. NEXT. WEEK. He was born on 9/9 in room 9 at 9:11 A.M.! So, of course, his dad had to get him a J.J. Watt jersey!

I’m glad I was able to capture a few photos of Finnick so his mom and dad will always remember his newborn stage. Congratulations again, friends, on the newest addition to your family!

























Christy was going for the fairy tale princess look and she nailed it! Not only is she stunning on the outside, she has an equally stunning heart! Christy is such a joyful person and it shines through in her images. We met early in the morning for her bridal session at Castle Avalon after we had rescheduled multiple times (it happens that way occasionally, but it’s always worth the wait!).ย  Thank you for choosing me to capture these moments, Christy! It was a privilege to photograph you!

Be on the lookout for Christy and Brenton’s elegant wedding on the blog in a few weeks!




























I remember when Kim and Corey came over for a usual Saturday game night and they told us they were pregnant! I cried! Kim said I wasn’t allowed to cry since she hadn’t cried yet, haha! I’m so excited for my dear friends! Thanks for letting me put y’all in front of a camera! I can’t wait to meet Mr. Finnick!

UPDATE*** The evening I wanted to blog these photos Kim went into labor!! Can’t wait to take some photos of their precious boy! Congratulations, friends!




Of course, Corey had to do something…unique ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can y’all see him running behind Kim in these shots? lol

Also, we decided to replicate a favorite photo from their wedding. <3


S o c i a l   M e d i a
R e v i e w s