College Station Photographer: Ryan and Tiffany’s 5 Year Anniversary

Not to steal the show from these two gorgeous people or anything, but… I must start this blog post with a conclusion that I have arrived at.

I am old.

I say this partly due to the fact that I have known Tiffany since high school and she celebrated 5 years of marriage to her husband in August (yay!!). But, the main reason I have come to this conclusion is because I felt a need to start writing this post about how time flies….and everyone knows that time only “flies” once you’ve officially pitched a tent in the “old” camp. Scoff and laugh if you like! 😉

Anyway…back to this adorable couple…They were so patient with me and cracked jokes the whole time! It’s so easy to photograph happiness, y’all. They gave me a tour of their new home and introduced me to all their amazing animals! It was such an honor to capture this special milestone in your relationship! Happy 5 year anniversary, Ryan and Tiffany! I hope you both enjoy your new adventure <3



Hobbes decided these photos were about him…duh





























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