For Cinderella, I wanted to stick with the classic and whimsical theme. However, I wanted her in particular to scream PRINCESS more so than the other characters. In order to achieve that, we decked Cinderella out with diamonds and glitter! She also is the only princess in our line up that wore a tiara. Grace did Cinderella’s make-up perfectly by adding hints of silver glitter not only in her eye shadow, but all around her eye! Also, Angelica did an amazing job braiding Ashlee’s hair into a romantic up-do that is only fit for a princess! I was really excited when Tracie busted out the white gloves- I wasn’t sure if it would be too much for Cinderella’s outfit, but I’m glad we used them in a couple of shots! Even though Cinderella’s horse on her farm wasn’t anywhere near as beautiful as Rodney, the dapple gray gelding in our photos, I think it was only fitting to pair Cinderella with a gray horse! Alternatively, we could claim that Rodney represents one of the mice that turned into the beautiful gray horses that pulled her coach the night of the ball.

Now for some awesome facts about Cinderella: The original story of Cinderella was told by the Grimms Brothers in 1812 in Germany. The Disney version of Cinderella hit theaters in 1950, making it the second oldest Disney princess film behind Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. German fashion in the early 1800’s was truly revolutionary. The women were beginning to drop the waist line of their dresses and expose more of their arms and bosoms. Young ladies often wore soft shades of pink, blue and lilac. Their dresses had elaborate hems and necklines and the skirts were coned shaped with soft drapes of fabric. They adorned their outfits with lace, ribbons, and white gloves. You could say Cinderella’s outfits in the Disney movie were spot on for 1800’s German fashion! The only thing that was not historically accurate were the glass heels that Cinderella wore to the ball -cue gasp-. During the early 1800’s high heeled shoes were not very popular. Most women wore silk or velvet “slippers”. These slippers looked very similar to flats. Therefore, we thought it was only fitting to have the elusive Cinderella shoes be silver flats in this photo shoot.


Location: Dean Quarter Horses Ranch in Madisonville, Texas
Event Coordinator/ Prop and Decor Set-Up: Tracie Hoot with Party Passionista
Hair Stylist: Angelica Estrada-Knickerbocker
Make-Up Artist: Grace Huff with Generations Salon
Model: Ashlee Frizzell









The photo below was taken by Meagan Dean with Dean Quarter Horses.

























The photo below was taken by Meagan Dean with Dean Quarter Horses.






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  1. Lori Claiborne Louwerse

    I love the black and white photos, even though the blue dress is beautiful.

  2. Melinda Chavez

    I agree the black and white is my favorite! They’re all beautiful pics though.

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